Safety: You Can Learn It

Preserve headers/logos underneath 125 pixels high. It takes up beneficial viewing space, primarily for laptop users, that is ideal left for the good stuff to appear"above the fold" Take a cue from the massive businesses, straightforward logos completed nicely say it all. This is our #1 pet peeve - screaming logos and headers!

Since scare tactics appear to be what drives some people to take fix wordpress malware attack a bit more seriously, or at least start thinking about the problem, allow me to shoot a few scare tactics your way.

Well, we're talking about WordPress but what is the sense if your computer is in danger of hackers of doing upgrades and security checks. There are malicious files that can encrypt key Website loggers. When this occurs they are easily able to access everything that you type on your computer. You can find a lot of antivirus programs that are good online. Look for a antivirus program or ask experts about this.

Move your wp-config.php file up one directory from the WordPress root. WordPress will search for it there if it can't be found in the main directory. Also, nobody else will have the ability to read the file unless they have SSH or FTP access.

Install the WordPress Firewall Plugin. Prevent and this plugin investigates web requests with WordPress-specific heuristics that are easy to recognize attacks.

Of course you can set up plugins to make your store like share buttons or automated backup plugin. That's all. Your shop is now up and running!

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